On Wednesday July 31st our Coquina Crossing C.E.R.T team was engaged in the EOC (Emergency Operations Center) Annual 2013 Exercise (BEYOND THE BASICS). This event was an extraordinary all day event, encompassing various aspects of how the EOC operates during a REAL Disaster and all of the St. Johns County municipalities included.
The CERT Team learned how the CEMP (Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan) is structured and carried out with Local, State and Federal agencies, we were taught how Resource Ordering is a vital step in getting equipment, food, water, and help into the disaster area as quickly as possible to protect lives and property. We also learned how the Situation Reports are vital to getting the information regarding the disaster out to the Media and the public during the crises. Emergency Management needs the public involved also to get information into the EOC to paint a complete picture of the current disaster.
We were engaged in a three (3) hour Simulation exercise that had St. Augustine hit hard with destructive Tornados which heavily damaged Flagler College, Flagler Hospital, downtown hotels and many other businesses and homes throughout downtown and the beach side. Twenty two inches of rain fell throughout the county during that time, making it ever so dangerous to search for survivors and victims.
The EOC and all local agencies designed a plan on how to get the infrastructure back to some level of working order as quickly as possible, but the number one concern was the safety of all residents within St Johns County.
Keynote Speakers included:
  Jerry Cameron- Assistant County Administrator Jeffery Alexander- Chief Planner
  Linda Stoughton- EOC Deputy Director Kelly Wilson-EOC Planner
  Bill English- FAA Traffic Manager Jeff Prevatt- Assistant Chief- St Johns County Fire/Rescue
  Dr. Phil Klotxbach-Colorado State University-Tropical Meteorology Project Scott Cordero- Meteorologist in Charge NWS Jax.
Barbara Cartwright- Public Assistance Coordinator

As being the local CERT Team here in Coquina Crossing our main concern is primarily the safety of all our residents first and foremost, this is why our Team continuously trains to gain the knowledge so we may serve our community better.

Coquina Crossing CERT TEAM

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